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Get to Know SP&H

Get to Know TP Video

Get to know Sanli Pastore & Hill's Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Thomas Pastore. In this video Mr. Pastore describes his opinions on working remotely, why he chose his career path, one of his favorite cases, and more. 

Get to Know NS Video

Mr. Sanli describes how Sanli Pastore & Hill, Inc. was created, a particular case of his that sticks out to him, words of advice, how he manages working remotely, and more.

Get to Know Forrest

Get to know Sanli Pastore & Hill’s Managing Director of our Northern California operations, Forrest Vickery. In this short clip, Mr. Vickery describes how he joined Sanli Pastore & Hill, Inc., the best piece of advice given to him, and his hobbies.

GS "Getting to Know You" video

Get to know Genco Sanli, Managing Director in Lagos, Nigeria of Deepleef Resources Limited, in partnership with SP&H. In this short video Mr. Sanli discusses his hobbies,  how his partnership with SP&H came to be, and the goals of the partnership.

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