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Fairness & Solvency Opinions

"The experience and careful analysis performed by respondents’ expert Sanli is far more worthy of confidence, and is accepted by the arbitrator.  Exhibit 700 is a model of clarity for the presentation of an expert’s opinion."

— Arbitration Judge (Ret.), excerpt from Arbitration Award

To make conclusive and informed decisions about the terms of mergers, acquisitions, buybacks, or privatizations, a fairness opinion by a reputable, independent financial advisor is necessary. We provide clear, independent opinions and do not have conflicts of interest in any transaction, as our fees are not contingent on the close of the transaction. We base our opinions on the facts and circumstances of the transaction. 

  • Help board members satisfy corporate fiduciary duties

  • Inform board decisions

  • Stock price analysis

  • Provide support for legal positions with market research

  • Fact-based analysis clarifies difficult operational decisions




Solvency Analysis, Bankruptcy Court & Related Litigation Support

SP&H provides solvency opinions and litigation support services that bring clarity to a company’s financial reporting.  Further, whether the issue-at-hand is a business, individual or financial institution, a well-supported valuation of assets is an important step in determining how to proceed in bankruptcy court.  SP&H’s experience with bankruptcy valuations provides authoritative, well documented valuations, which withstand review from the court, creditors, investors, board of directors and shareholders.  Over the last three decades, our experts have performed thousands of due diligence analyses, solvency analyses, and business opinions.  We provide robust research and superior analysis that builds confidence and trust in potential transactions, buyouts or mergers.

  • Litigation Support Services

  • Fair Value

  • Forensic Accounting

  • Solvency Analysis for Leveraged Transactions

  • Bankruptcy

  • Debt analyses

  • Plan assessments

  • Section 363 Opinions